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GCSE French Revision Course

The perfect revision companion, a GCSE French online course that walks you through grammar and conjugation

What you’ll learn

French GCSE Curriculum
GCSE French Assessment Objectives 1 – 4
AO1 French Listening for GCSE
AO2 French Speaking for GCSE
AO3 French Reading for GCSE
AO4 French Writing for GCSE
French Conjugation
French Grammar
French GCSE Vocab Tips
French GCSE Exam Tips

Are you looking for an online GCSE French course to support your classroom study and help you prepare for exam success?

Bonjour et Bienvenue to our comprehensive and easy to follow French GSCE on-demand course. I will be your tutor and guide as we cover all the key areas of revision and provide the skills you’ll need to pass your exams.

The content in our course has been developed for all levels of student with lessons ranging from what is a verb to rare structures used by top students. The lessons are easily signposted, so you will know what parts are designed for you. And whether you are aiming for foundation or higher, you will find everything you need to know in this course.

By simply watching along at home you will be building your confidence, understanding and knowledge of the French language specifically for this year’s GCSE syllabus. Our students say they feel more able to follow along and happier contributing in their French classes at School, more organised in their revision and ready for their exams.

I have been tutoring GCSE students for over ten years, I am a registered exam invigilator and I am a French!

I have used all of this experience to develop a French GCSE course that:

Will help you realise French isn’t that difficult.

Will guide you through everything you need to know,

Answers commonly asked questions,

Highlights areas students usually struggle with, providing lots of tips and importantly how to avoid mistakes .

…and in addition to the hours of video content you have unlimited access to, I have created downloadable material and quizzes, so you can follow along and test your new skills after each lesson.

I believe video is the perfect format for GCSE students who need to squeeze a lot of revision into very little time. You can access our course content on-the-go, online or via an app, so literally anywhere and on any device – it’s like having a tutor in your pocket!

Plus, we all learn in different ways. Some students retain information better when they listen, some when they read and a lot of us find it easier to write things down – so our video and downloadable content is designed to engage with every type of learner

You can use this course in the way that suites you. Build your knowledge and skills step by step or jump directly into particular modules to hone your skills. You can also review lessons as many times as you like to ensure you’ve understood each learning outcome.

And I speak French with the explanations in English so you can easily follow and understand the lessons.

I am very excited about helping you prepare to pass your GCSE exams and hope you are ready to start learning and growing in confidence with me.

Sign up now to gain lots of practical tips, technics and valuable knowledge to master your French GCSE.

Bonnes vidéos et bon courage!

Who this course is for:
GCSE students
IGCSE students
Adult learners
KS3 (Key stage 3) & KS4 (Key stage 4) students



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